Fixing the Internet, episode 1057

In the course of my job, I’m on the Internet. A LOT. And invariably, I find items that are incorrect. Whether I bother to correct them depends on whether I think it’s substantial enough that someone else might assume it’s correct and restate it as fact.

I’ve only fixed two thing on the Wikipedia, as far as I can recall. One, which I did with Steve Bissette, was a major overhaul of the FantaCo post; still imperfect. The other was back in 2006, when someone indicated that the next Presidential campaign was in 2007, rather than 2008. But I do not find the need to add something insubstantial; e.g., another advertisement that made use of a cover of the Kinks’ All Day and All of the Night.

I’m listening to my favorite music podcast, Coverville. Episode #894 is an all-request show. The second song is listed as She’s All Liquored Up by Dash Rip Rock, a cover of the Mojo Nixon original [listen]; I’m not familiar with either version. But the song sounds very much like Dizzy Miss Lizzy, the old Larry Williams song covered by the Beatles [listen], which appeared on Beatles VI, the very first LP I owned, as well as the UK Help! album. Now, I’m not positive, because songs do get adapted and changed.

As it turns out Amazon lists the samples for the Tiger Town album by Dash Rip Rock, at least for tracks 5-9, one song off:
5. says True Drunk Love, IS Fallin’ Apart
6. says Shine A Light, IS True Drunk Love
7. says Dizzy Miss Lizzy, IS Shine A Light
8. says All Liquored Up, IS Dizzy Miss Lizzy
9. says Livin’ Breathin’, IS All Liquored Up

The sorta good fortune is that the error created an unintentional Beatles-related medley:
Gimme Some Truth by Sam Phillips (orig. John Lennon)
Dizzy Miss Lizzie by Dash Rip Rock (orig. Larry Williams, made famous by the Beatles)
Revolution by Grandaddy (orig. Beatles)

Host Brian Ibbott noted the error, and mentioned me, at about the 18-minute mark of the next show, Episode #895 featuring Van Morrison. He also mocked Amazon’s spelling of Martha Reeves’ name (as Reeeves) on this item, from which he culled a song for the show.

I’m trying to get Amazon to rectify these problems. Fixing the Internet: a fulltime task.

0 thoughts on “Fixing the Internet, episode 1057”

  1. Kind of surprising wikipedia doesn’t employ a team of fact checkers or researchers, and they leave it up to visitors of their site to make corrections.


  2. Roger, your diligence is admirable. I find so much misinformation on the Net, especially about musicians. Wiki, as Steve so rightly said, needs researchers, except I believe the point of the site was for all to share their own knowledge and build upon it as a group project. Now it’s near to the OED as an information source, so they should take care. When in doubt, I check!

    Ironic note: In 2006, you mentioned that the presidential race started in 2008, not 2007. But it seems as though the politicking is getting longer and longer. We need not only campaign finance reform, but open debates on all three networks (non-pay, and I guess that would include FOX as #4 because we get it on our rabbit ears), with no commercial breaks, and one debate should simply be a “head to head” debate, no moderator. See who breaks under the pressure of facts from the better candidate, and allow both (or hopefully three or four) to clear up misinformation.

    Thanks, Roger. Love your knowledge of the Beatles, and the UK albums always had more cuts. I never heard “Doctor Robert” and a bunch of others until I was hip to the longer British LPs. Peace, Amy


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