Why the Equinox Ask Roger Anything Edition is Better

(That is to say, better than the Solstice ARA.)

Yup. Doing that Ask Roger Anything, that exciting time of the year when YOU get to ASK ROGER ANYTHING. Pretty straightforward, eh?

And I LOVE to do this in March and September for one simple reason: Jaquandor does the same thing in February and August. And one of these days, he, or someone else, will throw some of those questions right back at me. Which, of course, serves me right. In fact, preemptively, I’m working on one right now. No topic is off limits.

Of course, I reserve the right to obfuscate my remarks somewhat, but they cannot be outright lies; there must be an element of truth to my responses.

I’ll be answering y’all (which I consider a perfectly appropriate term) over the next couple weeks.

Also would like your comments on the new Randy Newman video. He’s the guy who offended Short People, among many others.

0 thoughts on “Why the Equinox Ask Roger Anything Edition is Better”

  1. “You won’t be the brightest, perhaps, but you’ll be the whitest and I’ll vote for that.”

    Randy Newman. That guy is a regular hound dog. This little tune is an instant classic. Thanks for spreading it about.


  2. What piece of technology would you hate the most to loose? Which piece of technology do you wish would just disappear?


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