The Lydster, Part 102: Science Girl

Maybe The Daughter will be a scientist. Two of her favorite shows are science oriented. One, which I may have mentioned, is the Canadian/American television series called Dino Dan, shown on Nick Jr in the US, which “follows the adventures of the paleontologist-in-training Dan Henderson (played by Jason Spevack)… and his friends, who uncover clues about the past and secrets of the dinosaurs. The show combines live action with CGI dinosaurs.”

The other is Wild Kratts, an animated series, with live-action framing sequences, “created by Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, presented by PBS in the United States… The show’s aim is to educate children… about biology, zoology, and ecology, and teaches kids small ways to make big impacts… while entertaining them with the Kratts’ usual antics.” Here are some videos.

She also loves to water the outdoor plants and weed the garden. Her reading material includes lots of biology books. The Toronto Zoo was entrancing to her, as was the Ontario Science Centre, where the picture above was taken.

0 thoughts on “The Lydster, Part 102: Science Girl”

  1. Does she like computer games? Seriously, introduce her to programming. You might assume all scientists are good at math and computers, but most really aren’t. It will help her in whatever science (or engineering) she’d like to go into.


    1. She likes some games. But she’ll go days without turning on her computer, and it’s in her room. She’d rather read, or play with her dolls. (We had that conversation about having the computer in a common area, but, so far, it’s just not necessary.)


  2. Good for her. I remember I got interested in computers when I found a game for the Apple IIe Series 4 where you could program in new mazes and then try and solve them. (<— having a "In my day, there were NINE planets" moment there. 😀 )


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