Lyrical revenge

I was at a church meeting recently, which hadn’t really started. I was sitting next to one guy, and it seemed that every other sentence uttered by the others was a cue for a song lyric to pop into my head. It was coming so fast and furiously that I stopped citing the song and would just mention the artist. “Fleetwood Mac!” “Led Zeppelin!” “Jackson Browne!” Indeed, after a while, I only noted every OTHER song I was hearing from the discussion.

It’s fun, but it’s also a curse. I don’t go listening for songs; they just well up in my brain. I used to subject my mother to this torture when I was growing up, but it was a bit of a wasted effort, since she usually didn’t know my reference point.

A few days ago, the Daughter was lying on the sofa and said something I thought was funny, so I chuckled. She said, with a straight face, “How can you laugh when you know I’m down?” She was quoting lyrics from the Beatles, and an obscure song at that, the B-side of the single Help.

I realized that this was some sort of cosmic payback.

The graphic above I stole from Facebook, and indeed reposted. Someone commented, “I can vouch that it’s true.”

I’m Down – the Beatles (1965).


0 thoughts on “Lyrical revenge”

  1. I think mine’s probably only 25-35% song lyrics, but, as you know, the remaining 65-75% is made up of television situations. (And my sister says she can relate just about anything back to an episode of Seinfeld.)

    But, I’d like to read a post made up entirely of song lyrics, even if I might not catch all the references. You should take up that challenge!


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