All Hallows Eve 2012

For all my lifetime, through 2006, the end of Daylight Saving Time in most of the United States was on the last Sunday in October. But thanks to the powerful candy lobby, which wants children to be able to trick or treat on Halloween with more daylight, and its ally, the dentist lobby, which want children to rot their teeth, it’s been pushed back to the first Monday in November. It’s this time of year that always confuses me in terms of what time it in other countries, since the start and end of DST/British Summer Time does not happen simultaneously. Go to this site to see what time it is around the world.

Glad to see that Mark Evanier has ended his war on candy corn.; well, almost. He still doesn’t like it, but as long as he doesn’t have to eat it, he doesn’t care if you do. I happen to like it, in moderation. Can’t seem to find a decent video of I Don’t Like Candy Corn by Moose and Zee from Nick Jr., which I remember watching with my daughter a few years back.

The Daughter will go out tonight, but because of her peanut allergy, she generally gets to keep less than 50% of her haul; her mother gets the rest. She’s going as a soccer player, BTW, which is a bit of a cheat, since she IS.

Here’s something I may not have mentioned; I don’t particularly like peanut butter. Actually, that’s not true – I HATE peanut butter. Odd thing is that I loved it as a kid, specifically Jif. I remember eating it when I was three or four. I think I must have had too much at some point, because now the smell makes me nauseous, and the taste is intolerable. I’m not allergic; I can eat peanuts, though I don’t love them.

I’ve dressed up for Halloween as an adult, but not for at least a decade.

Having never seen a movie from the Halloween movie series, I’m not planning to start now. Yet I know more about the series than I care to because FantaCo, where I worked in the 1980s, sold a number of Michael Myers masks, and other items of interest. But my buddy Steve Bissette revisits the film, and also reviews 2016: OBAMA‚ÄôS AMERICA (2012).

Go search SamuraiFrog’s blog for Halloween goodness. Then, courtesy of Jaquandor, listen to spooky music – if you dare!

The Library of Congress: The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows
The Food and Drug Administration: Halloween Food Safety Tips for Parents
The Census Bureau: Facts for Features: Halloween

0 thoughts on “All Hallows Eve 2012”

  1. This peanut butter thing of yours is proof positive that no matter how simpatico one may be with another person, there is ALWAYS something about them that you just can’t wrap your head around! Although I do know another guy who feels the same way about it, and he thinks his reason is the same, too (i.e., he had a sufficient amount as a kid to permanently destroy his taste for it).


  2. Something else we have in common – I also detest peanut butter, although the rest of the family love it.

    Our clocks changed at the weekend which is something else I don’t like. Nor do I see the point since having lighter mornings for children going to school just means darker evening when they come home.

    Celebrating Halloween is a relatively recent addition to calendar in the UK and often derided as an American import by the older generation. Which is ironic since it was British import to the US originally, from Scotland and Ireland as I mentioned this time last year.

    I’m even grumpier this year because someone stole the pumpkin from outside the house that my son had spent ages carving. (The pumpkin that is, not the house!)


  3. I prefer my peanut butter in the form of cookies or Reese’s cups! I hate the Halloween movies; never seen them…never will. Since I have no kiddos at home anymore, Halloween is a bit anti-climactic.


  4. Halloween has never been a big thing for me, and my son outgrew it long ago, so it’s mostly just another day around here. We live mostly off the beaten path, so we never get trick-or-treaters, and this year I didn’t even buy a bag of JIC candy. I’ll admit, though, that I intended to stock up a bit on the after-holiday sale candy, but I must’ve missed the window, as there was none available when I was at the store yesterday. I settled for one full-price bag of Smarties.

    Um, but no peanut butter? That seems sort of sad to me. Sometimes PB&J is just the perfect thing for a bad day.


  5. William Jefferson Clinton used to complain about people comparing him to the devil. But, I’d have to apologize to him because compared to Obama, Clinton is a saint. Like the devil, Obama is a master at deceiving people and using their desires to further his own ambitions.


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