Reacting badly to "door busters"

Apparently, I have an almost irrational loathing to the phrase “door busters.” I’ve heard it before, but this season, it is so pervasive, even though I rarely watch live TV. Just talking about it with someone at work, I’m told I spoke of the word VERY LOUDLY.

It’s the idea that, in order to be a good consumer, one needs to aggressively bash in the store’s entryway. Having to fight the crowd to buy “stuff” that may be on sale seems, well, unseemly.

I have gone to Black Friday sales but once, at the insistence of relatives; not only did I despise being stuck in the crowds, none of the items I ostensibly went to purchase were still available at 8 a.m. There’s not even a guarantee that Black Friday sales are such great deals.

The intrusion of shopping on the previously perfect holiday of Thanksgiving infuriates me. The store opening on Thursday at 8 or 9 p.m. means that some underpaid folks have to push themselves away from family and friends to serve frenetic shoppers. That is unless the workers decide to strike.

On the other hand, I can get behind Small Business Saturday. Seems WAY more civilized.

0 thoughts on “Reacting badly to "door busters"”

  1. Don’t you know that avaricious capitalism is what makes America great?! /s
    Yes, the business plans of MalWart required my brother to inhale his Thanksgiving dinner this year before rushing off to service his patrons because he’s ‘lucky to have a job.’ Screw the Family, there’s money to be made!


  2. Friday morning I drove around the City of Albany doing errands. Traffic was almost non-existent. At the bank, the supermarket, the PO I was almost the only customer. Everyone working at these places was relaxed and friendly.

    Then I walked into Honest Weight Co-op… you know, organic produce, localism, etc. The parking lot was nearly empty and there were hardly any customers. I stood in the doorway, attracted a bit of attention and announced loudly, “So where is everybody? At the mall? Is everybody at WALMART?”

    Lots of sheepish smiles and a few ad hoc lame explanations. That was fun.


  3. I totally agree! To open stores Thanksgiving night is horrible. There is nothing in a store that would get me to rise at dark-thirty and stand in line. I did shop on Black Friday but went at the more reasonable hour of….noon.


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