"War Against Christmas" Is OVER (If You Want It)

(Dateline: Albany, NY) Roger Green, founder and president the organization Christmas Or Other Labels (COOL), has declared the war on Christmas in the United States to be officially over. People celebrating the holiday religiously, those celebrating it socially, and those not celebrating it at all were all declared victors in emotional celebrations across the country.

The Christian folks have decided that, while it IS approaching Christmas in December, there ARE people who practice other religions, or no religions at all, and they are determined to be COOL about it. Besides, the period called Christmastide on the Christian calendar doesn’t actually start until December 25, and running to early January, the 12 days of Christmas. And the Pope is clear that we’re celebrating the birth of Christ at the wrong time of the year anyway.

The Christians also acknowledge that the declaration that there was a of “war” on Christmas was a bit hyperbolic, given actual violence perpetrated against Christians in Nigeria last Christmas. Not to mention how Christmas has become so large, it is now starting to devour Thanksgiving.

The non-religious have agreed to be COOL about the fact that the placement of Christmas in December, and the use of the fir tree, are based on pagan traditions, and to stop being snarky about it. They have also recognize that the holiday IS important to some people on religious grounds and to not prattle on about how commercialized it’s become. If the feeling starts swelling up, the Rx is to go watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, repeatedly if necessary.

The non-Christian religious, and the people who just like exchanging presents, acknowledge that they’re COOL with it all.

In this era of rapprochement, the parties have agreed to be COOL with being greeted with “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”, or beautiful Bogie day, or sterling Serling Day, in the spirit in which it was offered, without getting all bent out of shape about it. They’ve decided that Waging Peace on Christmas is a much more life-affirming strategy.

As John and Yoko sang, War is Over (If You Want It).
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0 thoughts on “"War Against Christmas" Is OVER (If You Want It)”

  1. Love.Love.Love. this post!!! The part about Christmas devouring Thanksgiving was spot on!!..and we certainly are celebrating the birth of Christ on the wrong day…even the wrong season!! Anyway….great post!!


  2. Great post. Here’s hoping many folks will follow your example and be COOL.

    Sadly, there is a slight war in my household as my husband is not a fan of the holiday. It costs too much money and he was so traumatized by his Catholic upbringing that he now considers himself an atheist (he hates it when I point out the times he has instinctively resorted to prayer). Anyway, he really can be a bit of a Grinch, wanting to partake in neither the religious nor the secular festivities of the season. (But I always win!)


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