The Lydster, Part 107: The Twizzle

Interesting to hear what others say about whether the Daughter looks more like your mother or me. It seems that if you knew my wife better, like mother, like daughter; if you knew me better, she favors me.

Personality-wise, she is likewise similar to whichever parent is most familiar to the observer.

My wife can explain in her (non-existent) blog how much they do together, besides watching Dancing with the Stars.

Conversely, I am pleased that she has taken to liking two of my favorite cultural phenomena, listening to the music of the Beatles and watching the classic television program, The Dick van Dyke Show. Re: the latter, we have the complete box set, and we’ve watched all of Season 1 and about 40% of Season 2. Her favorite episode is What’s in a Name, the show in which Ritchie, Rob and Laura’s son, discovers that his middle name is ROSEBUD; she can recite his full middle name, Richard Oscar Sam Edward Benjamin Ulysses David. She also likes the one about the walnuts.

My least favorite show was about a dance craze called the Twizzle, a blatant ripoff of the Twist fad. The Daughter likes it a bit more than I.

In fact, she invented a drink she calls the Twizzle:
1 cup kefir (or flavored yogurt)
1 banana
1 cup milk
1 cup frozen fruit
1 ice cube

Blend together.

It’s GOOD!

5 thoughts on “The Lydster, Part 107: The Twizzle”

  1. Oh awesome. Smoothie weather just started for me, too. The smoothie I had was:

    1 cup Greek yogurt (higher in protein than regular yogurt and I like the sharpness it adds)

    1 cup thawed frozen strawberries

    3 chopped carrots (with the skin on, but you can do it without the skin. Skin adds fiber and phytonutrients)

    1 cup milk

    Blend! Makes 3.

    Like your daughter’s twizzle, too.


  2. We’re fans of the Dick van Dyke show as well. My sister’s and my favorite episode is the one where Laura stays home with a cold while Rob and Jerry take the boys on an overnight fishing trip. We quote Millie and Laura from that episode all the time. Then of course there’s the one where Rob thinks they got the wrong baby from the hospital or when Jerry and Rob try to be sailors or when… you get the idea. What a fun experience to be sharing with your daughter. Yay for her and her special smoothie creations- you are one lucky dad!


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