H is for Hello

Hello. How are you today?

I’ve been musing a lot about the word hello. The history of the word can be seen read in the Wikipedia; basically a 19th century creation that Thomas Edison suggested be used in answering the telephone, rather than Alexander Graham Bell’s idea of “ahoy.”

I’m no linguist, but it seems that lots of languages have had a variation of hello for a long time, while others have not. I found this site Say Hello to the World. Some have very similar words: Chinese – ni hao; Hebrew – shalom; Spanish: hola. Others tend to have words more appropriately described as “good day.”

In any case, I was looking for an excuse to list a bunch of songs starting with the word Hello. There are a LOT of them; this is only a sampling, including several that I put on a mixed CD.

The Beatles – Hello Little Girl;
Ricky Nelson – Hello Mary Lou ;
Allan Sherman – Hello Muddah Hello Faddah;
Louis Armstrong – Hello, Dolly!;
Frank Sinatra – Hello, Young Lovers;
Sopwith Camel – Hello, Hello;
Judy Collins – Hello, Hooray;
The Doors – Hello, I Love You;
Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me;
Eric Clapton – Hello Old Friend;
Bette Midler – Hello In There;
Oasis – Hello;
Harry Potter Book of Mormon Parody – HELLO;
The Beatles – Hello Goodbye

Someone’s list of Top 10: Songs with lyrics that begin with ‘Hello’, only some of which I used, since I wanted songs with TITLES that begin that way.

ABC Wednesday – Round 12


33 thoughts on “H is for Hello”

  1. Back in high school Spanish class we were told the proper way to answer the phone was an emphatic “Digame!” which means “speak to me!” or sometimes just “Diga!” A quick glance around the web and it seems that is merely one way to answer the phone, “Hola” is also acceptable. But I always liked that, pick up the phone and holler at the caller to start talking.


  2. One of our Dutch popsingers sings: “Just say hello”… The audience answers then:”Just say hello” …I don’t know how it goes on…
    Another song we have is:you say goodbye and I say hello!

    Anyway goodbye for now!
    Wil, ABCW Team.


  3. Hello is great – I am also appreciative of people who identify themselves after a hearty ‘hello. like – “Hello – Henry here!” Puts me right at easy and Happy to talk to Henry.


  4. You made me very curious about the different forms of “hello” and was amazed by the long list of words that convey that greeting in many different languages. Kate ABC Team


  5. So interesting! It never occurred to me that so many song lyrics begin with this word. By the way, I might be aging myself, but I recognize most of those songs you listed! lol

    abcw team


  6. To answer your question : I am fine 🙂 ! Can’t imagine a life without saying hello, although here in Belgium I have to say aaaaalooooo, the Frenchs don’t pronounce the H ! In Italy you say “Pronto” when answering the phone, and in German you say “Hallo”.


  7. I’m singing “Hello Young Lovers” and I’m posting. I do not appreciate it when someone answers the phone Yah or Hey. I feel like hanging up.


  8. “Dame la chisme” was my Puerto Rico one, or else “Paz.” First is, “Gimme the gossip,” and second one is “Shalom,” or “peace.”

    Thanks for all the Hello songs, Roger! I’ve always loved the old Brit films where a detective finds a clue and says, “HELL-ooo..” Amy


  9. Hey, what a great post for H! The nice thing about hello is it requires no thoughtful response on the receivers part other than a hello back. Lot’s of times, when people add ‘How are you’ after hello, they aren’t really looking for a response, just being sociable. I think keeping it simple with just hello is smart:)


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