Everyone wants to be Irish, now

I go through this periodic rushes of interest in my genealogy, stifled primarily by life getting in the way. When I was growing up, I was told I was, in addition to being black, American Indian, probably Iroquois, on both sides; having seen my maternal grandmother, it was quite evident at least in her heritage. I was Dutch on my father’s side, though it COULD have really been Pennsylvania Dutch, which was actually German.

On my mother’s mother’s mother’s side, there is a picture – a daguerreotype, I think – of a white woman who is an ancestor. She came from the British Isles, but was she English, or Irish? I rather fancied the latter, especially after having read the book The Sweeter The Juice, a true story about an Irish woman and a mulatto man marrying after the Civil War. The Irish had not achieved “whiteness” in the United States right away; it took a couple generations before beginning to assimilate.

So it seems more likely at that time that an Irish woman, who was of lower social standing, would marry a black man than an English woman would. The particulars of my specific past, however, remains a familial mystery until that purported “free time” I seek allows a greater investigation into this matter.

One thing I could easily do is take one of those DNA tests that I got from Ancestry.com several weeks ago. It wouldn’t likely distinguish between German and Dutch, or English and Irish, but it would be broadly informative.

As you may recall, it was discovered that Barack Obama had Irish ancestors; lots of O’Bama jokes ensued at the time.

I’ve always been Roger O. Green, or Roger O’Green, if you will. Some day, maybe I’ll discover whether I come by my faux designation legitimately.

4 thoughts on “Everyone wants to be Irish, now”

  1. What a complicated way of saying “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” 😀

    I have no idea of anything I might be other than “Polish plus.” Less than half Polish or as I like to put it “Polish by plurality.”

    In other news, Chicago’s river is supposedly dyed with a safe, natural, vegetable-based dye. We make no such promises about the beer. 🙂


  2. You are related to Dutch relatives? May be we are family;). Actually I saw a documentary about the origines of humanity, and it dsaid that we are all from Africa and cosequently black. The white colour is due to the adoption of people living in arctic areas and other cold places. So that is very interesting and I believe it’s true.
    Thanks for your comment and discussions about relgions are very normal nowadays. Yesterday we had a discussion after church with some friends of mine. We are of the opinion that the bible is not a history book. Fact is that Jesus is the best teacher I personally want to follow!
    Thanks for your comment.


  3. Rog, you know my dad’s family is Mayflower English, which I am still trying to live down. But my mom’s side is shanty Irish, and that’s where my heart lies.

    There’s a weird color line after all these generations… America resembles the old South Africa, where a certain percentage of your blood coming from Black ancestry make one Black. We have census forms, etc, which demand ancenstry (I write either “Anglo,” “WASP,” or “American” under OTHER. I’m not white. Paper is white. Sugar is white. I’m beige, and in the summer, I’m darker than many Black friends.)

    Obama was criticized for being AFRICAN American rather than “descended from slaves,” and therefore understanding the pain of slavery. I get that to a point; after all, while “No Irish Need Apply” signs were up, at least my ancestors came here by choice, even if it was steerage. I am dismayed by Eurocentric folks who deny wrongdoing to Africans, Puerto Ricans, Aleutians, Hawaiians, and especially indigenous Americans.

    Palms up, we’re all the same color. Turn those palms down, and it’s all about shades of brown. When will we get past this? If you want to discuss further, Roger, email me, won’t you? I never get back to blogs. Peace, Amy


  4. Well, there’s something there for everyone in your lineage, isn’t there?! Mine is primarily German, but there is a bit of Welsh, English and rumors of Seminole Native American blood mixed in somewhere on my mom’s side. Guess that accounts for the dark eyes.


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