Not to be replaced by Facebook

Not replacing blogging, for me
When I noted that I’ll be doing less blogging someday, I should have made it clear that I won’t be filling up that time using Facebook. I mention this specifically because many of my original blogging buddies from 2005 and 2006 have done just that.

I suppose if one is just posting cartoons and videos, then Facebook might be the right venue. I know columnists from my local newspaper and reporters from TV stations and indeed TV networks use it to pose questions to get a sense of the “pulse of the the people.” Said content often shows up in their newscasts/broadcasts.

But if one want to say something more, I still am a fan of the blog. Of course, I realize I’m an old-fashioned guy who STILL hates the designated hitter rule in baseball.

Facebook is really good for snark, some pithy comments in response to a cartoon someone has posted. I’ve been known to engage in it from time to time myself; once I did it on the wrong person’s timeline, and it turned out better than I would have expected. And I do make use of the reminders about people’s birthdays.

Moreover, Facebook can be a useful tool for research. “Does anybody know” where something can be purchased or when some event took place; something to be said for collective wisdom.

For some people, such as my nieces, it’s the only way I know what’s going on in their lives. For others, it’s the only way I can get ahold of them; if they have e-mail, they don’t check it, and I can only reach them if I instant message them when they are online.

However, I get more spam that gets posted onto my timeline. Actually, it’s the same one: “Hey, check this out!” I don’t know how to stop it, and I’m unaware it’s there until/unless someone points it out to me.

Facebook: useful tool which I will not use to replace blogging, in case you were wondering.

8 thoughts on “Not to be replaced by Facebook”

  1. I don’t get any spam, though the mobile app inserts ads, which are almost the same. I’m like you: Facebook allows me to connect with family and old friends I’d have no way of being in contact with otherwise. For me, that’s justification alone. But a replacement for blogging? Um, no.


  2. Roger, amen. While I use FB to parse out my blog posts, I only go on once a week – all my subscriptions are via email.

    Facebook is a time-sucking, soul-sucking… suckfest most of the time. My own sister UNFRIENDED ME for not participating in her “Farmville” game. She’s one of those greedy types who wants everything, even if it’s all non-existent in the best sense of the word.

    If everyone took half the time they spend on FB posting kittens and re-posting nothing but George Takei (whom I do adore) and right- and left-wing propaganda, and use it to volunteer at a food pantry or rocking crack babies or helping out at a senior center, the world would be a better place.

    I set a timer when I go on FB: Twenty minutes. Check messages for people actually trying to reach ME, check family pages, and I’m out of there! Amy


  3. Facebook is really good for snark, which is an art form in and of itself! And it tends to get people into a world of trouble if they’re not careful.


  4. I really dislike facebook. Once something is posted it gets buried beneath a sea of posts about people having a bad day, being on their way to zumba class, wishing it would stop raining, grumpy cat pictures, etc. Then the one thing you thought was truly important ends up six pages back in just two days. I hate that! Blogging is a more creative outlet and you can FIND everything because it is all at your fingertips. But, it too has it’s own set of problems. Glad you came by my blog and commented. I love getting the comments and I love posting, though it just seems like I have run out of steam lately myself.


  5. I fully agree with you ! I had to subscribe to see pictures of son and grandson, and suddenly I got hundreds of “friends” I don’t even know ! I think it is a kind of stupid and a waste of time and prefer by far my blogging ! At least I learn something !


  6. I keep saying I ought to get a Facebook page. That’s so I can say awful things about the FBI (Hoover Girls) and other secret police agencies that are monitoring Facebook.


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