Dream: In hot pursuit

This is an actual dream of mine from a few months back:

Two guys are driving around when they spot something interesting in some bushes by the road. It turns out to be a couple cameras on the side of the road, expensive equipment. They see a name on one and decide to take them to the local police station, which is in an area of open spaces, not an urban setting. But as they approach the station from the rear, they see a cop shoot a guy who has his hands in the air. They then realize they are seen as well, and drive off in their car, being pursued by the local police.

The passenger pulls out his phone to dial 9-1-1 when the driver yells, “Where do you think the call will go to? The local cops!” Not knowing whether the whole force is on whatever nefarious activity is under way, they go to the nearby highway and begin speeding. They are pulled over by a state police trooper, which was their desire if they couldn’t get to the state police barracks. The driver tells the trooper the tale of the local cops and is about to give him the cameras when the state trooper is shot by someone, which turns out to be by the local cops, who come out of their car, guns drawn.

Using the state trooper car as a shield, the protagonist driver pulls the car into reverse, does a 180, and drives back down the road against traffic, until they can get off the main road. They figure that, in the short term, the state police will believe THEY are the shooters, rather than the local cops. They take some back roads and try to wend their way to the neighboring state border. They’re now convinced that the cameras and the shootings are somehow related.

Then I wake up about 1:45 a.m., with my heart beating very fast. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Feel free to psychoanalyze.

8 thoughts on “Dream: In hot pursuit”

    1. I used to, but increasingly, I have found them too violent, and often too willing to suspend both belief and the rights of the accused.


  1. Yeah, back when I watched TV sometimes my dreams would be interrupted by commercials. But other than watching too many cop shows on TV and the movies, maybe you have some sort of suppressed doubt about the legitimacy of the authorities? You know, uneasiness over the expanding bogus Security State.


    1. Dan – I consider that entirely plausible. and even in the ads for shows like 24, Hawaii Five-O and NCIS, even the teases suggest that the authorities are above the law when the “greater good” is at stake.


  2. I was thinking the same thing as Dan (after the cigar-is-a-cigar possibility.)

    Also can be due to feeling like you don’t understand the people around you or that you feel they are unpredictable. I know when I feel like that I suddenly get dreams about zombies and other “out to get you” dreams like crazy.


    1. Chris =- possible, especially after trying to explain the Boston Marathon bombers to the daughter. Still, there is a certain anti-authoritarian aspect to the dream which makes mere lack of understanding of others or their unpredictability less the instigation.


  3. Hm. Can be the media (news of drones, etc.) or local “authori-tah” (upper level management) or your subconscious mind drawing parallels between the two to create a story (connected to the idea of “psychological condensation.” Psychodynamics has a lot of huey but I find the stuff on how the subconscious writes stories and draws analogies really useful.)


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