Chuck Miller's blogging flashback, involving me

Chuck Miller, without a camera obscuring his face
Chuck Miller, a fellow blogger on the Times Union newspaper site, “came across this old video clip of an event from three years ago.” How did he GET that clip anyway? I’ve never had it.

“In March 2010, the Times Union hosted a blogging get-together at the College of Saint Rose. I remember being part of this event; heck, I even showed up in a little video clip that promoted the event.” I had all but forgotten the gig, but now that he mentions it, I negotiated with The Wife for the chance to go.

“And as I looked at this video clip… I realized…

“Man, how we’ve all changed in the past three years since this conference.”

It was the first time I had met some of my fellow TU bloggers. And I’m on the video promo as well, at about the two-minute mark.

A few things come immediately to mind:

1. I hate speaking before a video camera.

2. I don’t look like the way I think I look in my mind’s eye. The vitiligo, which I first discovered nine years ago, seemed terribly prominent on my face when I saw the video for the first time. Strange that it doesn’t seem SO bad now.

3. As is true with many people, not crazy about hearing my own voice either, something I notice every time I hear me on our answering machine.

4. I STILL haven’t figured out what I’m writing on my TU blog in any systemic way, whereas I know quite well what I’m writing here, which is to say, whatever strikes my fancy.

5. Chuck HAS lost weight; I haven’t but him, quite definitely.

I DID crack up with his characterization of me: “Roger Green is like E.F. Hutton. When Roger Green speaks… people listen.”

BTW, Chuck, I STILL owe you a dollar over some bet or other.

7 thoughts on “Chuck Miller's blogging flashback, involving me”

  1. I watched that video. After reading your blog for so long, it was weird to actually hear your voice. You didn’t sound at all like you do in my head! 🙂


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