The amazing restorative powers of Ask Roger Anything

I don’t like to take lots of medicines. I figure if I end up taking too many of them for too long, it will minimize its effectiveness over time, making it a waste of time and money.

Oddly, the medicine that has not lost its efficacy is Ask Roger Anything, in which you, the blog reader, ask me, the blogger, anything, and I mean ANYTHING. “What do you name the pink elephants in your living room?” That sort of stuff. AND I MUST ANSWER; doesn’t mean I won’t try a little obfuscation, if necessary.

The great thing about Ask Roger Anything is that, taken as directed, it’s safe and effective in treating any ailments. And the only known side effects are prolonged philosophying, and intensive pondering. Leave your questions in the comment section or send on Facebook or Twitter (ersie) or e-mail (RogerOGreen AT Gmail DOT com).

6 thoughts on “The amazing restorative powers of Ask Roger Anything”

  1. Why do they call the Autumnal Equinox the beginning of Fall when it is already Fall? Likewise the Winter Solstice isn’t the beginning of winter but well along into winter?


  2. When you drink, is it beer, cider, wine or mixed drinks?

    What is your favorite flavor and favorite smell?

    Do you remember something better when you hear it out loud or when you read it?

    So what do you think is up with the whole “dual personality” of the Internet age? How many people do you think have alternate personas – or multiple personas – online? And what do you think that is doing for the culture?

    Is there an optimum level of technology?

    Do you ever (or have you ever) written fiction or poetry?


  3. Wait, I just thought of a question. It’s actually been in the back of my head for some time. You’ve said more than once that you don’t like conflict between people, that when it happens you tend to shy away from it. I know several people who are like that. My question is, why? Do you have any idea where that comes from? Or is that too personal?


  4. Why do you think almost no one is discussing the shutdown and debt on Facebook?

    Usually when something even vaguely political happens (e.g. an election, a school shooting, the Supreme Court decided something that made it to the national news), people are posting like crazy.

    So why virtually nothing?


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