I think this is how it happened, though neither of us can remember for sure.

I walked by a colleague’s desk, in a reasonably good mood. Maybe I made a light joke.

C: My, you seem levitacious today.

R: Wow, that’s a great word you’ve coined!

More banter commending the word.

C (in e-mail): Which spelling doth thou prefereth? Levitacious or levitatious?

R (in e-mail): Think I like the C, avoiding 2 Ts. How about you?

C (in e-mail): I agree!

R (in e-mail): levitacious (adj)– being filled with joy, levity

C (in e-mail): Excellent!

So, are you feeling levitacious today? Tell me some of the word coinage you’ve done.

7 thoughts on “Levitacious”

  1. What a great phrase! And very perfect for today. I can’t think of any words I’ve coined right now. I’m numb from Christmas shopping and am in need of some levitaciousness. There…does that count? 🙂


  2. I don’t know if it’s “word coinage” (more like “phrase coinage”), but the wife and I always speak of a “Lumumba moment,” named after Patrice Lumumba. Years ago we saw a documentary about the Congo in the 1960s, and at one point, we knew Lumumba was done for and we said, “No good can come of this.” So a Lumumba moment is when the protagonist is doomed, and he/she just doesn’t know it yet.


  3. I am feeling levitacious today!

    Some of words I like that I’ve coined:

    Adoreky: adorable but freaky. “Tarsiers, baby sloths and sphynx kittens are adoreky.”

    Grungery: grumpy from hunger. “No, I’m not really upset with you, just grungery because I skipped lunch.” This one is now common among some of my friends.

    A friend also coined the phrase “crash box,” which I use now. It’s the box you throw everything random in when you’re moving. “Crash” is an acronym for “Crunch time stash it.”


  4. Hmmmm. I guess that meaning works, although in my ear it sounds like something David Copperfield (the magician, not the Dickens character) would do: “Oh my, Mr. Copperfield’s gone levitacious again!” As he, you know, levitates.


  5. My personal favorite — largely because there are so many opportunities to use it — is “guanophenia,” defined as the state or condition of being bat**** crazy.


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