Lisa thinks I’m a Liebster?

So Lisa decided that I “deserve an award for being darling; beloved, liked very much, favorite, pre­ferred above others, liked or loved above others.” And who am I to argue with her?

The rules are simple … post 11 random things about myself, and answer 11 ques­tions the sender asks, then tor­turetag 11 blog­gers and give them a set of 11 ques­tions to answer. The goal is to drive each other crazy help others dis­cover new bloggy friends. And we all need more friends, right?

11 new random facts that haven’t already been cov­ered (as far as I know):

1. I know lots of odd facts. But The Wife will almost always ask something about it and I’ll have no idea. For instance, I read about a couple married 81 years, and my wife will ask, “Where are they from?” I have not a clue. But I remembered he was over 100 and she under. (He’s 102, she’s 98, and they are from Connecticut.)

2. I don’t complain about the cold. But I don’t put myself in situations of being out in the cold – skiing, sledding – beyond the necessary stuff, such as shoveling snow, clearing the car off.

3. The Wife, the Daughter and I like living near the bus route, even though we do have a car. When we got snowed in one Sunday, we got to church anyway.

4. I hate doing webinars. Talking in front of people is OK, but talking to headphones with no sense of how people are reacting is not my thing. Probably why I won’t do a podcast, besides my inability to learn the technology.

5. I try to seek out people at parties and similar events who seem not to have people to talk with.

6. I prefer having a watch to looking up the time on some electronic device I have to pull out of my pocket. Faster, more elegant, IMHO.

7. Having been on food stamps in the late 1970s for a few months – back in the days they had the actual paper coupons, not a plastic card – cuts to food stamps, leaving the food pantries even more to do, rather ticks me off.

8. I tore the meniscus in my left knee 20 years ago. STILL hurts.

9. My work computer was replaced in October, and it was disastrously installed by some techie, and I had buggies that made work hellish for a couple months, until our internal techie fixed it.

10. When I get back to a database I haven’t used in a while, I can never remember the password.

11. In fact, there are databases I’ll join and forget I’ve done so until I try to register for it again.

11 ques­tions to answer from Lisa

1. What’s been your biggest sur­prise about blog­ging?

People I know personally don’t read my blog. People from halfway around the world DO read my blog.

2. What is your favorite book and why?

Top Pop Singles from Billboard. I read the titles and I can recreate the tunes in my head.

3. What do you do to relax and recharge your internal bat­teries?

The last Monday of the month, I take off from work. I pay my bills, catch up on the newspaper and/or TV, write a blog post or three, then go to the monthly meeting of the Friends of the Albany Public Library. If I’m caught up, see a movie. Actually when that is disrupted, as it has been too often recently, I feel like I’m constantly behind.

4. What do you miss about being your child­hood?

I miss very little about my childhood. The geographic closeness of a couple friends, and my sisters, but I wouldn’t want to go back.

5. What is your most favorite smell in the world and why?

Baking bread, and that does not need a reason.

6. Have you ever done a random act of kind­ness? If so, what was it?

Ever? I hope that I do so regularly, whether it be a surprise back massage, or help push someone’s car that’s stalled out of the middle of the street, or buy some hungry guy a slice of pizza. But I’m not really keeping track; I hope that it has become second nature.

7. If you could design a tee-shirt/coffee mug/bumper sticker saying, what would it say?

Happiness runs in a circular motion.

8. What did you learned about your­self last week?

That, at least on Facebook, I can avoid being baited by some schmuck.

9. Are you a planner or more spon­ta­neous in your approach to your day?

Well, ya know it depends. I like to plan to get to the movies, take public transportation on time, or early. But I don’t plan out much else, except as it applies to other people i.e., the schedules of The Wife and The Daughter.

10. What is the biggest obstacle you’ve over­come in life?

Don’t know that I’ve overcome it as much as learned to fake it, but acute shyness

11. What are the three most impor­tant things in your life?

Honesty, integrity, and sleep.

I’m supposed to come up with questions for other people, and to tag those others. Ain’t doing the latter – but do it if you would like – and I have no inspiration of questions. So hey, YOU, answer the questions Lisa answered.

1. What is your dream vaca­tion spot and why?
2. Where did you come up with the name of your blog?
3. How do you define blog­ging suc­cess?
4. What is your favorite type of “going out” enter­tain­ment?
5. How many states (name them) have you lived in?
6. What is your favorite hol­iday and why?
7. What’s your favorite number and why?
8. What would be your dream vehicle to own?
9. What is your favorite hobby?
10. How do you try and keep your blog fresh?
11. Where do you do your best thinking?

4 thoughts on “Lisa thinks I’m a Liebster?”

  1. I love you for #5. I am that person at parties who winds up hugging the wall because she lacks the confidence to just break into one of the groups of conversants that has already formed. (I think I believe that they’d be irritated with me for “butting in.”


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