I Feel Alright

Steve-Earle-I-Feel-Alright-471005As previously noted, one of my favorite songs for this holiday is Valentine’s Day [LISTEN] by Steve Earle. I could not find a music link to it before, but now I have one. Here are the lyrics:

I come to you with empty hands
I guess I just forgot again
I only got my love to send
On Valentine’s Day

I ain’t got a card to sign
Roses have been hard to find
I only hope that you’ll be mine
On Valentine’s Day …

Also on that fine album, I Feel Alright, is the very Beatlesque More Than I Can Do [LISTEN], with lyrics.

Oh, just get ALL the lyrics to the album.

For a more traditional piece, here’s newly-elected Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer Linda Ronstadt singing My Funny Valentine, with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra.

3 thoughts on “I Feel Alright”

  1. For the record, I hate all the standards Linda recorded and thought Nelson Riddle sold out… but since I sang them for years, I guess I’m jaded.

    It is so sad that Linda is sick, and I do think she is enormously talented and did a lot to overcome her stage fright…

    Also, for me, the ultimate Funny Valentine is still, and will always be, Chet Baker – with a close second being Matt Damon imitating Chet’s version in The Talented Mr. Ripley!! Amy


  2. It is a tragedy that Nelson Riddle died before this album was even finished, because on For Sentimental Reasons, Rondtadt really hit her stride with singing standards. The song choice is excellent throughout, her pitch and control impressive, but most importantly she seems to be at one and comfortable with these songs. Her rendition of “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” moves from playful to powerful by the songs riveting ending. “I Get Along Without You Very Well” is one of Ronstadt’s great accomplishments with Riddle; I disagree with those who say it pales against Sinatra’s. If anything, it builds on it. It is both delicate and passionate at the same time–a rare feat. Linda offers the most affecting rendition of “My Funny Valentine” I’ve heard, swings through “Am I Blue,” and adds a wonderful male doo-wop to the background of “I Love You For Sentimental Reasons.” It is ludicrous to compare Linda Ronstadt with Ella (there’s only one Ella); this is a whole different ball game and must be judged on its own merits. Riddle’s string arrangements are as layered and beautiful as ever. One of Ronstadt’s best albums in her entire, versatile career. I saw Linda and Riddle at Radio City in 1983 and it remains, musically, one of the best concerts I’ve ever experienced.


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