If I Had a Million Dollars (to spend, in one day)

Cheri addressed the question: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

I suppose I could find a house to buy, but in 12 or 15 hours? I imagine putting money aside for college for the Daughter wouldn’t qualify.

Tough. If it really meant SPEND, I’d pay off our mortgage, and those of my sisters and brothers-in-law (is that even possible to do in 12 hours?), buy a new car (probably an energy efficient one), buy a large screen TV. Then a snow plow and lawnmower, for while I can do those tasks manually now, it may not always be the case. Probably buy every tool I think I might ever need, a backup generator, and food that won’t spoil, plus a storage freezer.

Can I purchase trips to use in the near future? Trips to Alaska and Hawaii. And to see the Taj Mahal.

Then start writing checks to family and my favorite charities. My church wants an elevator? Done. My former church wants an electric door so it wouldn’t be too heavy to open? Done. Red Cross will get a bunch, and so will some feeding programs. Those people who come to a neighborhood and provide free medical services, both in the US and on a ship around Africa.

What would YOU do?

The Barenaked Ladies – “If I Had A Million Dollars”
The Barenaked Ladies – “If I Had A Million Dollars”, in a hurry

3 thoughts on “If I Had a Million Dollars (to spend, in one day)”

  1. I’d definitely start by buying a really nice catered lunch for my department.

    I’d call one of my dear friends whose family is in medical debt and get that cleared away for him.

    I’d buy a house – but I’ve been looking and most of the houses wouldn’t eat that far into it.

    I’d buy my friends plane tickets to come visit me.

    I’d order all the books and everything else that I wanted on Amazon.

    I’d set up two scholarships at my college, one in my grandparent’s name and one in my name.

    My church really needs some stuff fixed up – a new sound system, a paint job – and the estimated cost is only about $100,000, so I’d get all that.

    And by the end of the day all that was left I’d put in the Credo Rehabilitation Center.


  2. I’d start by buying the relatively few things I feel like I “need” (arranging to have real siding put on my garage, or perhaps, have the garage rebuilt, a new overstuffed chair, a new iron).

    Then I’d probably drive to the nearest charity hospital that treats children, walk up to one of the doctors or administrators, and say, “The five or seven or ten most desperate cases – kids who could get better with extra treatment their parents can’t afford? Tell them an anonymous donor has taken care of it.”)


  3. I would buy a Matisse drawing, I would start or buy an art gallery to show friends work,including mine, I would have the best prints made of all of my art on huge canvases, I would find a huge building, and buy it to make studios for
    artists, including one large floor for myself. I would hire a person to run this space immediately. I would make reservations going first class for all the places I want to see or hire private planes where possible, Bring friends
    and or family members. Donate to the Moca Museum in West Adams NY, donate to DIA
    Museum in Newburgh,Buy a new car,probably a Mercedes Benz convertible,Invest enough to have an income of 100,000 a year coming in for the rest of my life.
    Travel with artist friends and make art


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