There are plenty of musicians I’ve never seen play live, who I’ll never see play live. Probably should have seen The Who in the mid-1990s when they were in Albany, NY.

And when the announcement came that Paul McCartney was going to play Albany, NY, I figured he be one more. I know someone who was working with his people, but there were no comps to be had, he tickets were pricey and were expected to sell out quickly, and I resigned myself to not going.

Heck, Ringo Starr was in town LAST month, and I missed him, too.

But my friend said, “You MUST go.” She’d seen him play, and she knew how much I loved his music.

Then Paul got sick with some viral infection, where he canceled dates in Japan and South Korea in May, and the June 14-26 shows from Lubbock to Louisville would be postponed until October.

Now that Paul McCartney is now “feeling great, rocking and rolling,” The ‘Out There’ world tour will now resume July 5 in Albany, NY. Somehow, that made it much more of an imperative.

Through some sort of circuitous route, I managed to get a couple tickets on Tuesday, which is to say four days ago. Who to take? Well, I had to take the second biggest Beatles fan in the house, the one I gave Beatles #1s to four or five years ago, The Daughter. And The Wife is actually quite all right with this.

The Daughter’s first concert was some American Idol runners-up, back when she was four. Neither of us much remember it; this, I suspect, we will.
Paul McCartney – ‘Save Us’ (Fan Video) 2014

Luis Suárez interviews Paul McCartney – Uruguay, April 2014

Paul McCartney & Wings – Got To Get You Into My Life [1979]

Beatles’ Relay Race
“Weird Al” Yankovic would like to set the record straight

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