"TMI, mommy!"

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.
As someone who takes the bus at least part of the way to work most days, I am regularly reminded why I hate listening to other people’s cellphone conversations, and why some public conveyances thankfully ban the use of those contraptions.

I’m sitting across a woman and her daughter, about ten, give or take a year, on the CDTA (local) bus. The mom is on the phone talking to her friend, and I’m not paying attention, until she says: “Do you know what I really hate about Eddie*? He comes into the bathroom when I’m trying to pee and s###!” Then she goes on about how, when she closes the bathroom door, he pounds on the door and demands to know what she’s doing in there. And she repeats her intentions.

At this point, the daughter says, “TMI, mommy!” She actually used the initials, rather than “too much information.” But either the mom doesn’t hear her, or feels the need to continue with this important telephonic conversation.

The girl is sitting right across from me, and looks at me with this exasperated gaze. I give her the “what can you do?” shrug. She says, a little louder, “Mommy, everybody on the bus can hear you!” This was probably true.

But the mom continues. She said, on her phone, just before I got off, “You know, we were going to get married today. Well, THAT’S off!” And I know TMI, so I nod affirmatively to myself.
Sidebar: I went to the Tulip Festival on Mother’s Day weekend. As soon as he sees me, the guy at the CDTA booth immediately knows me by name. The one thing he noted is that, in my LAST blog post about CDTA, I mentioned a crazy woman on board. I’m sure he’ll love this one as well.

*Not his real name.
Thanks, XKCD

6 thoughts on “"TMI, mommy!"”

  1. I don’t think anyone, even old fogies like me, ever says “too much information.” I’ve only said that aloud once or twice, but it was always “TMI.” That’s because I’m so very hip, you know.


  2. It’s always amazes me how, as soon as someone begins talking on a mobile phone, their voice level increases! And how cavalier they are about tailing about private topics in public places.


  3. I remember hearing cringe-inducing details of a botched gallbladder surgery while trapped in line at the grocery store. Well, “trapped.” I suppose I could have abandoned my cart, looked the offender in the eye and said, “You, ma’am, are sharing far more than is tasteful to share in public,” and epically flounced. Except I really needed the onions and lemon for what I was fixing for dinner that night…


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