The blog at random 2014

Gmsh: a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator
Gmsh: a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator
This is a thing I continue to do at the beginning of the year: pick a post for each month of the previous year, using a random number generator. See how well it reflected that year just passed, or did not. Pretty sure I got this from Gordon, who lives in Chicago, who remains the only non-local blogger I ever met.

I think I enjoy this a lot because it’s so…numerical. And random. The graphic was a random graphic from a .gov site

“The Yardbirds allowed me to improvise a lot in live performance and I started building a textbook of ideas that I eventually used in Zeppelin.”
(A Jimmy Page quote, for his 70th birthday)

There’s a lot that this movie got right, starting with an actor, Oscar Isaac in the title role, who could act, plus sing and play guitar convincingly.
(My not-so-positive review of the movie Inside Llewyn Davis.)

As a huge fan of Dr. Seuss, I was rather interested in this blog post by Chuck Miller: “Don’t cry because you thought he said it.”

However, I’m going to limit the songs here to those written, or co-written, by Christine, only because it fits the family group motif.
(My M for the McVies of Fleetwood Mac)

Back in October 2001, the Wife and I went to Cherry Valley, NY, about an hour west of Albany.
(A tale of our 2014 return to the Limestone Inn)

The last Sly album I bought, until considerably later, was the druggy There’s A Riot Going On, with two Top 40 singles in the US, Family Affair, #1 for three weeks in 1971, and Runnin’ Away, #23 US in 1972.
(U is for Unique)

“Do public facilities need to be sanitized of all things religious to insure separation of church and state?”
(Uthaclena asking Roger anything.)

This time, though, I was feeling reflective when I awoke.
(Musical thoughts after a rare nap.)

“And today, many go so far as to say that the opposing party’s policies threaten the nation’s well-being…”
(Quoting a Pew Research poll re: the political polarization of the American public)

Before the superhero-movie renaissance, a struggling Marvel sold the FF’s film rights (along with those of the X-Men) to 20th Century Fox at terms very favorable to Fox.
(About the cancellation of the Fantastic Four comic book)

Re the Ferguson protests, which I saw described as “mind bogglingly incomprehensible”: “It’s Incredibly Rare For A Grand Jury To Do What Ferguson’s Just Did,” as even Antonin Scalia could tell you.
(One of my end-of-month summaries.)

It’s entirely possible (likely) the Bible doesn’t always mean what we THINK it does.
(On the Bible and gay bashing. Interesting that is the very next post after the previous link.)

Hitting two ABC Wednesday posts is about right: 2/12=1/6, close to 1/7.

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