That Facebook "answer so many questions" meme

There’s one of those Facebook things whereby people are supposed to give you a number – is it randomly generated or does it have a deeper meaning? I have no idea – and you are to answer with that many previously unknown facts about you. Except that no one asked me. You might think this would be upseting me greatly, but you would be wrong.

So the number is 10, since my birthday is 3/7, or 7/3 in the civilised part of the world.

1. In third and fourth grade, I got both a D and and F for a marking period in handwriting. Actually, if I take my time, my handwriting is decent, but taking my time is not my strength. Hooray for the personal computer, which hides a multitude of sins.

2. I got frostbite on both of my feet when Christmas caroling in high school. I swear that event is STILL affecting them.

3. I talked my parents out of voting for Dick Gregory for President in 1968, and persuaded them to vote for Hubert Humphrey instead. I still have a Gregory/Mark Lane button.

4. There was a time in high school when I knew about 90% of the credits of the songs on the albums I owned that listed them, including composer and running times. Especially running times.

5. When I see a flier for an event that has already taken place, I usually take it down. It’s not just that it bugs me, it’s that I don’t want other people looking at it and picking up misinformation.

6. I always look for the exit when I am in an unfamiliar building. I know that the nearest exit to my work building is not the most obvious one.

7. When I use a public computer, I’ve found that people don’t always close out of all their windows before the computer times out. If I can, I leave them messages on their e-mail, or Facebook, to let them know that a person less generous of spirit could REALLY mess with their online presence.

8. I can’t remember the last time I went to the local store for three items and actually got three or four items. Usually it’s more like six to ten items, almost always on sale. I only buy cereal when it’s on sale.

9. I often correct bloggers I know privately, but not those who don’t know the difference between it’s and its. It’s a lost battle.

10. It’s very difficult for me to keep track of the names of my daughter’s friends. Not great with names anyway, but because my interaction with them is so spotty, this pool of people is nigh unto impossible.

11. I try very hard not to complain about the weather, because it could change to something worse.

I answered 11 instead of 10 so I could suggest that I gave 110%, like a stereotypical sports announcer would say.

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