"As you all know"

RespectforAllTruly, there are very few things in life that irritate me as much as being in a meeting, or getting a mass e-mail, then hearing or seeing the words, “as you all know,” and I don’t.
(That was almost the entire blog post.)

It happens at work, in church group settings, in social gatherings. The informal communication chain operates so that a number of people are “in the know,” but that often does not include me; I’m not complaining about THAT. The first several times I heard the phrase, I thought, “Did I somehow miss the announcement/memo on this?” Soon, though, I realized that it wasn’t me. Unless by “me”, you mean that I’m not always particularly connected to the organization’s non-standard information conveyance mechanisms.

I suppose this is why, when *I* know something that isn’t confidential that I think others ought to know, I’m very proactive in distributing it. Because I don’t want THEM to respond, “No, I DIDN’T know.” Maybe it’s the information specialist in me.

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