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Cinco de Mayo

A couple months back, Mr. Frog wrote: “St. Patrick’s Day used to be stupid and irritating to me. Then, 8 years ago, I moved to a college town. Now it’s a damn embarrassment to humankind.”

While I understand his sentiment, at least some people have a vague notion of this guy who drove out the rats, or something like that. Besides which, I’m Green 365, so it probably bothers me less.

Whereas Cinco de Mayo – recently, I saw a reference to a four-day weekend! – is an excuse to drink tequila and Kahlua, and Allah knows what else; the former seems also to be the holiday anthem.

And for what? Because most people, in an informal poll I did, think it must be Mexican Independence Day.

Nope. But it was a significant day in both Mexican and U.S. history.

Should I succumb and mix me a white Russian this evening and listen to some music?
or here.


Free For All

So, here’s an important question: on Saturday, will America survive the convergence of Free Comic Book Day, when stores all over the country will be handing out some comics that are free, free, FREE…

…and Cinco de Mayo, the third of that holy trinity of secular celebrations (New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day being the others), in which the primary goal seems to be maximum inebriation. This is definitely true here in Albany, where the Cuervo truck has been/is making appearances not just this weekend (starting tonight) at multiple locations, but last weekend as well.

Speaking of comic books, Mark Evanier recently noted this show with someone called Smilin’ Ed McConnell here. I had never heard of him until about 1980, when the now-late Raoul Vezina told me that McConnell’s name was the inspiration for the FantaCo symbol and eventual comic book character, Smilin’ Ed Smiley. Fred Hembeck describes Ed (and Fred’s involvement in same) here.
I think I’d have to be inebriated to eat this. Actually, my initial thought was, to quote that classic Life cereal commercial, “I’m not gonna try it, YOU try it.”
Thanks once again to my covert poster, who put up my last three postings while I was away and computer inaccessible.