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JFK Vs. PowerPoint

Last month, one of my colleagues at work did a post about bad PowerPoint presentations. In response, another blogger wrote in about a particularly (and intentionally) awful use of PowerPoint, featuring a famous speech by John F. Kennedy. I don’t know if you have to be old enough to fully appreciate the impact that the PP had on that important address, but since JFK’s birthday is May 29 – he would have been 91! – I thought I’d share it today.

And while I’m at it, the source material. The key phrase is about 4 minutes in.

Earle Hagen died. Who was Earle Hagen? Why, the composer of themes for The Dick Van Dyke Show, The MOD Squad, The Danny Thomas Show, That Girl, and The Andy Griffith Show, among many others. In fact, he’s the whistler on the latter. And he composed for the big screen as well. Read more here. I need to go down to the Fishin’ Hole now.
Rory Root was a comic book dealer I talked with a few times in my comic book days. He seemed like a great guy. He died last week, and this was my favorite tribute to him.
Eddie notes the passing of Utah Phillips. I saw him a few times a number of years ago, when he was still U. Utah Phillips, probably when we was centered in Saratoga Springs, NY. A fine musician.