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Rock Meme: Robert Plant

Here’s an old meme I found, which I’ll use to celebrate Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant’s 60th birthday.
Artist/Band: Robert Plant (b. 8/20/1948)
Are you male or female: Poor Tom
Describe yourself: Dazed and Confused
How do some people feel about you: Your Time Is Gonna Come
How do you feel about yourself: Fool in the Rain
Describe what you want to be: Ten Years Gone
Describe how you live: Trampled Under Foot
Describe how you love: Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
Share a few words of wisdom: Hey Hey What Can I Do
I was going to use songs from the Honeydrippers or solo Plant, if I had to, but Zeppelin titles filled the bill.

One of my favorite LZ songs, Communication Breakdown

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss doing another song about communications breakdown, Please Read The Letter, from my favorite album of 2007

Tosy found this Yahoo! list of the 20 greatest albums ever based on sales, staying power, and acclaim; FOUR are by Led Zeppelin, three of which I own.

A happy birthday to Robert Plant.
John Hiatt turns 56 today. Little ambiguity about what He’s communicating:

Isaac Hayes‘ birthday would also have been today, but he died 10 days shy of his 66th birthday. Since SamuraiFrog posted Walk On By recently, I thought I’d pick another song from the album Hot Buttered Soul, Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic.

I was sad to hear of the passing of Jerry Wexler. His participation at Atlantic Records helped create the sound of Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Sam and Dave and many others. He worked with artists as varied as Bob Dylan, Dusty Springfield, Dire Straits, and Santana.
Photo: Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation at the Green Man Festival – 18.08.2007. [Source= Robert Plant by Ella Mullins on] |Date=August 18, 2007], used per Creative Commons

Songs That Move Me, 10-2

10. Neil Young – Harvest Moon
A beautiful song, with specific recollections of a romance that burned brightly, then ended.
Feeling: autumnal.

9. Crying- Roy Orbison And k.d lang.
As good as Roy’s original is, this one is better. It’s the harmonica. And when lang gets to sing, by herself, the chorus, it is stunning.
Feeling: there’s something in my eye.

8. Biko – Peter Gabriel.
The story of the slain South African is penetrating, but the vocals, the rhythm, and that ending!
Feeling: ticked off.

7. John Hiatt – Have a Little Faith in Me
How does this rate so high? It’s just a guy on the piano. Well, it’s the quality of both. Hiatt remade this song with more orchestration for a greatest hits album; it was not improved, and in fact was somehow diminished. Not so incidentally, a key song on a mixed tape I made for my now-wife.

6. When Love Comes To Town – U2/B.B. King.
From the opening drumming to King’s guitar lines, to King’s and Bono’s vocals, I almost always platy this song twice.
Feeling: struggling with the power.

chops off 1st notes and then too soon.

5. Billy Joel-Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
As beautiful as it is, the piano on the bridge just lifts it higher. I heard an a cappella version of this, which was lovely.
Feeling: melancholy.

4. Roberta Flack – Gone Away.
I was watching the Grammys in the last couple years and discovered someone has sampled this. This song, part of the group of songs I used to play when love went south, really builds after the 1:30 mark, with instruments (a painful guitar line, and is that a tuba?) plus mournful vocals that feature the late Donny Hathaway.
Feeling: brokenhearted.

3. I Only Have Eyes For You – the Flamingoes.
I hear those first three or four chords and I am always surprised how it leads to such a lush tune. My first favorite song, probably for 30 years.
Feeling: loving.

2. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince.
Unfortunate that the video overlays the preach part with the musical beginning, for it’s both elements that I love. The danceability, plus my favorite guitar solo possibly ever. I have a 7-minute version that’s even more fun.
Feeling: let’s get nuts!

So, here are
the rules.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to #1?

(Confidential to T&C, who started before I did, but somehow will finish after: it’s from my top 10 with which one or more of your Top 40 will converge, I’m guessing.)

Brian Wilson's Route 66

Brian Wilson is 66 today.

Here’s a link to the Coverville tribute to Pet Sounds.

A link to a guy who has put a bunch of a cappella takes of the Beach Boys’ versions of the songs from Pet Sounds on YouTube.

My second favorite song from Pet Sounds:

Brian from SMiLE:

Brian from a 1967 performance of a song from what would have been SMiLE:

A Neil Young song that namechecks the Beach Boys and a song from Pet Sounds. The studio version (which I can’t find) is even more evocative.

A John Hiatt song which has what I think are lovely harmonies – inspired by the Beach Boys?

And on another matter, the New York Daily News cover from Wednesday, June 18: