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The 45th anniversary of the Beatles’ appearance on Ed Sullivan cannot go unmentioned here. Still working on my comprehensive list of songs, but in the meanwhist, as they in “Life of Brian” (George Harrison was a big Monty Python fan):

On episode #5602 of JEOPARDY!, which aired 6 January 2009, there was a whole category of BEATLES LYRICS
$200: “Sont les mots gui vont tres bien ensemble tres bien ensemble”
$400: “Waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door, who is it for?”
$600: “You say yes I say no you say stop and I say go go go”
$800: “Beep beep mm, beep beep, yeh!”
$1000: “I once had a girl, or should I say she once had me”
Answers below.
One of those music memes that was circulating a few years ago:
Artist/Band: The Beatles
Are you male or female: Rocky Raccoon; Mr. Moonlight
Describe yourself: Fixing a Hole; Fool on a Hill
How do some people feel about you: Come Together; Day Tripper
How do you feel about yourself: Long and Winding Road; Getting Better
Describe what you want to be: Something; Bad Boy
Describe how you live: Twist and Shout; Searchin’
Describe how you love: Ain’t She Sweet; A Taste of Honey; All My Loving; All You Need Is Love
Share a few words of wisdom: Tomorrow Never Knows; Wait; Get Back
The Beatles (1963-70)

Beatles hit about a street on which people congregate and create plays on words: Punny Lane
Any Time At All “a unique musical blend of The Beatles and Traditional Irish and American Flatpicking tunes”
JEOPARDY responses: “Michelle”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Hello Goodbye”, “Drive My Car”, “Norwegian Wood”; all ultimately answered correctly, though “hello Goodbye” was muffed by two contestants before the third got it right.