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Perfect television

Friend Fred was telling me about rewatching the Dick van Dyke Show on DVD (DVD on DVD) when I came to the realization why it was the near perfect TV show. In addition to lasting five seasons (not too long, not too short, but JUST RIGHT – kinda like some fairy tale), and and a balance of home and work life, there was a balance of how many times the A story was the office and the B story was the home life, and vice versa. Because Rob Petrie was friends with his co-workers, they would sometimes come to his home. Because Laura Petrie was such a fine dancer, she’d occasionally show up in the work segment. Balance, I say. And did I mention that Richard Deacon, who played producer Mel Cooley, was from Binghamton, my hometown?

If I wasn’t so far behind on watching what I’ve recorded, I’d be coveting that DVD box set; I do have some individual episodes. As it is, Lydia’s sleeping pattern (taking FOREVER to get to bed, and then with her mother or me), and I’m so tired that the writer’s strike has had no effect on my viewing patterns yet. News programs are not affected. Aliens in America’s a repeat? GREAT! Pushing Daisies is pre-empted this week? SWELL! As it is, the DVR’s STILL hovering around 80% because I’m still recording a couple hours a day, with the news and JEOPARDY! And I’m watching about 40 minutes a day; even with the compression of the DVR, that’s about an hour’s worth of programming. (The Closer two-hour special this week is now in the queue.)

But the largest reason the DVR’s so full is that when I was packing to go to visit my mother in NC, I accidentally packed the remote control in my luggage! This means that over that nearly six day period, my wife couldn’t watch the two shows she watches that I don’t: ice skating and Dancing with the Stars. They’d get recorded, but could not be watched. I suggested that she might want to go to Time-Warner and get a new remote, but she declined. Practically the first thing I did when I got home from that trip was to check the DVR level – 97% full, zap the three shows I managed to see in Charlotte, which got it down to 92%, then whittle away at it subsequently.

So don’t tell my wife who won Dancing with the Stars; she doesn’t know yet. She picked Helio, Mel B., and Cameron in the final three, but was surprised to see Cameron leave. Now, *I* know who won; I read it in TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly, but I won’t spoil HER fun.
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