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"As you all know"

RespectforAllTruly, there are very few things in life that irritate me as much as being in a meeting, or getting a mass e-mail, then hearing or seeing the words, “as you all know,” and I don’t.
(That was almost the entire blog post.)
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Communications breakdown

I was listening to the podcast the Kunstlercast a few weeks ago. James Howard Kunstler and Duncan Crary “have a ramble ‘n rant episode on the robitification of our communications landscape, that wasteland of overcomplexity and hyperdependence of modern technology.” I so related.

In my job, I use a lot of computer databases. But inevitably, I need to call various government and association contact by phone. Talking with someone, I often find Continue reading Communications breakdown

The Lydster, Part 99: Her Father's Daughter

For years, part of the running shtick between my wife and me has been this: I ask her a question. She responds to the question. Then I ask the question again, because, while I have some information, I often don’t have the ANSWER. I must say that, early on, it used to drive me crazy. Now, I just recognize it as just the way it is.

Here’s an example from a couple months ago. I had seen some fresh strawberries in the refrigerator earlier, so I asked her where they had gone. She replied Continue reading The Lydster, Part 99: Her Father's Daughter