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What's It To Ya?

I tend to have a rather laissez-faire attitude towards other people’s action, unless it’s harmful or venal or otherwise stupid. Why can’t I get the same courtesy? And it’s always the little stuff that gets on my nerves.

Item: I ride my bike part of the way to work, then catch a bus most of the rest of the way Continue reading What's It To Ya?

H is for Help!, the Beatles albums

Help! was the second Beatles movie, after A Hard Day’s Night, but the first one I saw. When I watched it in a movie theater, back in 1965, I loved it! Viewing it again in 2009 on TV, with the Daughter, it really didn’t hold up, but it was nevertheless enjoyable for the music, if nothing else. Here is the trailer to the 2007 video release. And here or here or here is the 90 minute film, in its entirety, or it was there, as of this posting.

But what I really wanted to talk about is the album. Or to be more precise, the albums. Continue reading H is for Help!, the Beatles albums