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A Horrific Quiz

This is about horror movies, allegedly, and I was going to pass on it until I actually read it on the blogs of SamuraiFrog and Jaquandor.

1: In Ten Words or Less, Describe Your Blog:

Movies, music, musings, whatever moves me.

2: During What Cinematic Era Where you Born?
A: The Classic Horror Era (late 30’s to 40’s)
B: The Atomic Monster/Nuclear Angst Era (the late 40’s through 50’s)
C: The Psycho Era ( Early 60’s)
D: The Rosemary’s Baby Era (Mid to Late 60’s)
E: The Exorcism Era (Early to mid 70’s)
F: The Halloween Era (Late 70’s to Early 80’s)
G: The Slasher Era (Mid to late 80’s)
H: The Self Referential/Post Modern Era (1990 to 1999)

I was definitely born in the nuclear angst era. I mean, I DID actually duck and cover.

3: The Carrie Compatibility Question: Continue reading A Horrific Quiz