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The Big 2-3-5

I’m a bit sad, though frankly not surprised, that there are periodically these polls indicating how poorly U.S. students, mostly our native-born, are doing with regard to American history, including citizenship questions that immigrants are expected to know before becoming U.S. citizens. Here are some sample questions for the citizenship test.
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A Trifurcated Fourth

I really enjoyed the first part of July 4th; the second part, not so much.

We were getting ready for church. My wife seemed to be moving rather casually to get to the FOCUS joint worship service at 9:30. Apparently, she had it in her mind that the service was at 10:30. When I occasionally complain that my wife operates on assumptions not based on fact, this would be a good example.

Plan B: to go to Emmaus United Methodist Church in our neighborhood. As I have mentioned, I stopped going to the other Methodist Church, Trinity, a decade ago. This service started with an African choir of mostly teenagers. Continue reading A Trifurcated Fourth