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The Lydster, Part 111: the agony and the ecstasy

The weather on the Saturday before Memorial Day was cold and wet; it rained virtually all day, and the high for the day was only 47F (8C). It was just as well that we (mostly my father-in-law, wife and daughter) were painting the living room. I was primarily moving furniture, and taking things out of the cabinets, etc.

Sunday was a bit better, in terms of the weather, but there was church and more painting to do.

So Monday, Memorial Day was a nice respite from the storm. Continue reading The Lydster, Part 111: the agony and the ecstasy

These are the people in your neighborhood…

There used to be owner-occupied houses on both sides of our abode, when we first moved in a dozen years ago. On one side, there still is – different people – though, he also rents out to a number of other people. On on the other side, it’s three rental units, absentee landlord, with a relatively large turnover of mostly college students. This is especially frustrating to me because I’m really lousy with names. On either side, there are possibly more people than what the properties are zoned for, though I couldn’t prove it.

Anyway, we had some issues Continue reading These are the people in your neighborhood…

'Cause like a good neighbor…

We have been in our house for 12 years as of May 8. Since that time, neither of our immediate neighbors live there anymore. On the one side, there were a couple sisters and their kids and their husbands or boyfriends. They were a tad uncouth, especially in the summer when I could hear the occasional profanity-laden tirades. But we got along well enough Continue reading 'Cause like a good neighbor…

A Trifurcated Fourth

I really enjoyed the first part of July 4th; the second part, not so much.

We were getting ready for church. My wife seemed to be moving rather casually to get to the FOCUS joint worship service at 9:30. Apparently, she had it in her mind that the service was at 10:30. When I occasionally complain that my wife operates on assumptions not based on fact, this would be a good example.

Plan B: to go to Emmaus United Methodist Church in our neighborhood. As I have mentioned, I stopped going to the other Methodist Church, Trinity, a decade ago. This service started with an African choir of mostly teenagers. Continue reading A Trifurcated Fourth