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September Rambling: Frank Doyle's daughter, and pie v grief

My old college friend Claire is 55 and Still Alive. Her late father, BTW, was awarded the Bill Finger Award at Comic-Con 2012.

Jaquandor’s review/reflection about the book Making Piece: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Pie by Beth Howard, which is about processing grief. And dessert. Check out her website.

Gemuetlichkeit: Dachau.

9/11: Another View.

Legal Analysis Outlines Potential Crime In Mitt Romney’s Financial Disclosures

“Recent DNA and genealogical evidence uncovered by Ancestry.com researchers suggests that President Obama is a descendant of one of America’s first documented African slaves. What surprised many is that Continue reading September Rambling: Frank Doyle's daughter, and pie v grief

As Happy As Pi(e)

I suppose it’s been obvious, though I had been oblivious. The link between pi, that uncalculatable number starting with 3.14, and pie, the flexible food item that can be the main course (pot pies) or dessert (fruit pies), goes far beyond the homonym relationship.

Most pies are created in a mixing bowl, one that comes in a rounded shape, and then is placed in a pie pan, usually circular in design. Continue reading As Happy As Pi(e)