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The days of whine and hosers

whining copyThis will be a breakfast blog* post, just for my friend Dan:

30 December, 2013: Took the bus to work early so that I could get my monthly allergy shot and not miss much work. There was a woman on the bus who was complaining about everything, sitting near the front of the bus. She was fairly loud Continue reading The days of whine and hosers

It Snows in March in Albany

I’ve lived in Albany, NY over thirty years now, and one of those trivia questions I like to ask relative newcomers – people who’ve only been here twenty years, e.g. – is “What are the two greatest snowstorms in recorded Albany history?”

The worst event, by far, was the Great Blizzard of 1888, during the second week in March, which dumped 45 inches (120 cm) on Albany, 22 inches (56 cm) in New York City, and huge amounts across New York State, New Jersey and much of New England. The storm and the frigid aftermath Continue reading It Snows in March in Albany

Well, there's Plan C

I know that some of you folks from out of town, and out of country, were concerned about how we fared after the Blizzard of 2013. We were fine in Albany, with 6.5″, c 16.5 cm, of snow. More in the hilltowns around here. The worst weather was to the east – Long Island, and much of New England. I noticed on Facebook that Steve Bissette, who lives in Vermont, was able to get to the post office, but the post office was closed.

Our Saturday was like that. Usually, that morning involves Continue reading Well, there's Plan C

The October 4, 1987 snowstorm

If you were in Albany, NY, or nearby, you know this story:
From NOAA – Surprise October Snowstorm (October 4, 1987)

The earliest measurable snowfall at Albany, where 6.5″ inches fell, with as much as 20″ reported in parts of the Catskills. The storm wreaked havoc on the area because it was a heavy, extremely wet snow, which fell on fully leaved trees. Numerous branches and trees were felled…taking down power lines with them, blocking roads and damaging houses. Albany was described as “looking like a war zone.” Hundreds of thousands of people were without power…some for up to two weeks. It was the most snow that ever fell during the month of October in Albany. Many of those folks without power for a fortnight were in Dutchess, Ulster and Columbia Counties, south of Albany.

It was just a half a foot of snow; I’ve experienced much worse, including over two feet in March of 1993. But this was…weirder.

Beyond what I wrote Continue reading The October 4, 1987 snowstorm

Snow Days

As an itinerant teacher, my wife works in two different school districts. My daughter goes to school in another. The thing that would be most disruptive involves snow days.

Oh, not snow days for me. I got to leave early on a Valentine’s Day storm a few years ago – and a good thing, too, since the buses stopped running shortly thereafter – but generally, I work every day, regardless of the weather.
Continue reading Snow Days