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Television as a cultural anthropological prism

Ike and Mamie watching TV
I think I keep reading about, and therefore writing about television, despite the fact that I watch it in decreasing amounts, because I find it a fascinating cultural phenomenon. I was at our choir party this month, and we were talking about how networks, particularly ABC, will start broadcasting a serialized show and either never show the ending (The Nine, which I watched) or truncate it badly (this season’s Last Resort, which I wouldn’t watch for that reason) Continue reading Television as a cultural anthropological prism

The Anoinette Perry Awards 2013

The Tony Awards, championing Broadway’s finest, are on Sunday on CBS-TV. My wife and I and about 927 other people not involved in theater will watch them – it’s traditionally a low-rated program – despite the fact that, of all the award shows, the entertainment value is the greatest.

We also watch them because, when a Broadway show goes on tour – in our case, to Proctors Theatre in Schenectady – we will be more familiar with the offerings.

Back in March, Proctors gave a preview of what it would be offering this coming season. While Phantom of the Opera has been a perennial favorite, and Book of Mormon was a big hit, the production I’m most excited to see in 2013-2014 may be Continue reading The Anoinette Perry Awards 2013

Without the Tonys, EGOT is just EGO

The Antoinette Perry, or Tony Awards, which honor Broadway’s finest, airs Sunday, June 12, 8 pm EDT on CBS-TV. Of the four US major entertainment awards – Emmys, Oscars, Grammys, Tonys – it is the most mysterious to the general public. I watch it because I find it to be the most entertaining of the programs, even though, or maybe because I’m least familiar with the source material.

Reasons you should watch it:
*It’s unique. Music has the American Music Awards, movies and TV have the Golden Globes, not to mention the People’s Choice Awards, plus a plethora of others.
*Nothing else is on. Prime time shows are over, summer movies are showing on 30,000 screens each.
*Neil Patrick Harris is hosting, and The Book of Mormon is up for 14 awards, either of which would make it interesting.
*If you do have something else to watch, such as Sunday Night Baseball, tape or DVR the Tonys; it’s not as though the Tony show is water cooler fodder, though it should be.
*It’s informative. Continue reading Without the Tonys, EGOT is just EGO