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The Lydster, Part 105: Mariah and Elizabeth

I am interested in the Daughter’s affinity for her toys. A couple years ago, she was really into her stuffed animals, to the virtual exclusion of her dolls.

More recently, though, the trend has switched. While she still has her stuffed toys, she is now more inclined to play with her dolls Continue reading The Lydster, Part 105: Mariah and Elizabeth

T is for Toy Trucks

I’d been married to Carol for about a year and a half in the late fall of 2000. She was trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas. I made some passing mention that there was a really cool toy fire truck being sold at the local Hess station. I might have even seen an ad on TV for it.

Still, I was quite surprised when, on Christmas morning, she (or Santa, I forget which) actually got it for me. I must say that I really loved it. It has a couple different sirens, and flashing lights and a workable ladder.

So before Christmas 2001 Continue reading T is for Toy Trucks