Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends

So: if you have been blogging for five years, some people are of the opinion that you should either 1) quit or 2) get your own URL. Evidently, I have chosen the latter.

When this URL – http://www.rogerogreen.com – was available, and I got it two months ago, I did almost nothing with it. Then, pretty much in the past two weeks, I said, “Oh, crap, my blog anniversary’s coming up. Wouldn’t it be really cool if I switched at that point?”

But of course, life gets in the way. This site isn’t really ready yet. If it weren’t considered so déclassé, I’d have a great big construction sign sitting smack dab in the middle of the page. Among other things, I haven’t gone through my blogroll on the old site to bring them to the new site. If you were on my old list, and you are blogging regularly (once a week or more) or if you’ve blogged recently or if I’ve met you personally, you’ll stay. I suspect this will take the better part of the month.

Because time is not fungible, and because there’s a bit of a learning curve for me – WordPress may arguably better than Blogger, but I know Blogger much better – please be patient here. I should be settled in by June. Well, I HOPE so. All advice accepted, though not necessarily acted upon.

Also, if you would be so kind:
1) if I am on your blogroll, please change it to http://www.rogerogreen.com; I know it’s a pain, but I don’t expect to alter it EVER again
2) if you get a chance to mention in your blog or Facebook or Twitter that I’ve changed my URL, that would be swelligant, elegant.

Here’s an odd thing: this blog, with virtually zero content, was in the 120s for my name last week in Google, whereas my old Blogger blog, with five years of content, was invisible. One of the factors, I’m sure, in actually making the move.

Karn Evil 9 – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
on LP.

Any observations or questions are appreciated.

0 thoughts on “Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends”

  1. Loving the new blog. hubby told me you moved. i know I’m late dropping in. Going to update all your comments on my blog to point here when I get a chance.


  2. I’m Donna H. on the Times Union website, using my usual on-line alias here and my real e-mail. (I’ve seen the TU show me other people’s and they switched some up with gravatars without warning so I don’t use it there, especially since I don’t shy away from controversary.)

    Thanks for putting the link there. I’m glad to find you elsewhere since I’m beginning to suspect they’re going to go pay soon, given from the heated reaction I got on my comment on that on that site. And let me again apologize for setting that off on your thread there — however innocently.

    I’ve got you bookmarked here. Honestly, the three blogs I’d miss are yours, Teri Conroy’s and Naomi Seldin’s. I’ve got you bookmarked here and I’m friends with them on FB so can follow them there. (Hmm, you on FB? I’ll check next time I’m there.) I’d slightly miss the Guilderland blog to follow local stuff but certainly not enough to pay for it. I used to like Matt Funicello’s but he hasn’t updated in a month.

    I’ll check here time to time.


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