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Have you ever experienced something that no rational explanation can describe? I did once.

I was living in Schenectady near Albany in the spring of 1978, and I asked out this amazingly beautiful young woman who worked at Albany Savings Bank; at least one parents was from Brazil. Her response was that I could go to church with her sometime.

So one Sunday afternoon, she and some friends picked me up and took me to a church in Troy, a really eclectic group of congregants.

At some point in this LONG service, the pastor went around and asked each person if they had been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Though I had had a “saved” experience when I was nine, I was in my theologically doubting period, so I didn’t raise my hand.

After this, the folks converged on us unwashed folks. We went to the altar, and they began chanting GEEEE-ZUS GEEEE-ZUS. And in a relatively short time, I was talking in a language I did not understand; apparently, I was speaking in tongues! And they gave me some clothes to change into so that I could have a full-emersion baptism downstairs.

I went home, never heard from any of those people again, and this event had almost no long-term impact on my life.

So do you have any events in your life you cannot explain?


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  1. That is a very mysterious story, Roger! I cannot recall a similar experience, but I am sure my life was eventful enough.
    You discovered that I was trying to find a word for U. I have not made up my mind yet. U is a difficult letter. I had already: Universities, Utrecht, Unesco, Urban stories and Universe.I thought of Unicef or Utrechtse Heuvelrug, the letter being too Dutch. Well we see.
    Have a happy Easter!


  2. Two stories come to mind in response to your question. First, when I was about 20 years old drove to a business out on the outskirts of town to inquire about a job. Afterward, I came out to my car and it would not start up. This didn’t completely surprise me as it was giving me some problems, but usually it was just a bit temperamental, and would eventually submit and start after a few turns of the ignition. In this instance, however, it was quite stubborn. I tried to start it no less that 15 times, sometimes trying, stopping, and immediately trying again. Other times I would try, wait a few moments and try again. After this, I walked to a friend of a friend’s house in hopes that I could use her phone. She wasn’t there, and so by the time I got back to my car, a little over a half hour had passed. I jumped in the car and tried again, and no luck. And immediately afterward, a thought crossed my mind, “Pray for your car. Pray for healing.” In response I thought, “Really? That’s kind of silly. ‘Pray for my car’s healing?!?’ I mean, its mechanical, not organic.” I don’t know why this distinction mattered to me, but it did. In response to this train of thought, I think I received some kind of reply like, “Yeah, that’s right, my sovereignty extends only over organic materials.” I guess God can be facetious. So, in response, I put my hands on the dash and said, “In Jesus name be healed.” And, a moment later when I turned the ignition, the car started.


  3. @Anothony: Lucky break.

    Roger, thanks for asking. Here’s my two-cent contribution to the collection plate.

    I’m a pastor’s wife and was “born again” in my own way, but I don’t, like, handle snakes or do altar calls. My sister is Evangelical and swears if she prays for a parking place, one always magically appears.

    Miracles I have aplenty, the main one being that, after all the crap I have endured in my life, I am here to tell the tale. I know plenty of “JAYsus” people who credit God and Jesus with everything from good weather (so God hates Japan? I mean, what gives?) to lots of money (these are chiefly pastors who live in mansions. We rent.)

    Funny stuff, miracles. They are what you call them, where you find them, and how the credits run at the end of the story, for me…! Peace (now THAT would be a miracle), Amy


  4. Miracles are funny things. So many people attribute events that can be the result of the laws of the universe as miracles. When I think of miracles, it’s an event that has no scientific explanation or source. A miracle is a supernatural event that cannot be recreated by mortal man. Your speaking in tongues would definitely qualify as I’ve always been led to believe that this is not something that can be summoned by human will on the spot. Miracles lift the veil between the worlds and allow us a glimpse of the One really in charge.


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