S is for Sesame Street

Back in the early 1970s, I used to watch Sesame Street. I don’t think I really have to explain Sesame Street, do I? It’s this kids’ show started in 1969, broadcast on public television in the United States, ostensibly to educate children, with the extensive use of puppets, or, specifically, Muppet characters designed by the late Jim Henson. The program has spread to a couple dozens of countries, in a number of languages.

The “trouble” was that I didn’t have any children to give me cover; I just liked watching it, even though I was in my early twenties. I wished that there was a show so cool when I was growing up. and I liked the songs, such as Rubber Duckie, and, naturally, Bein’ Green. I even own the 10th anniversary album from 1979, though I had pretty much stopped watching by then.

Skip ahead a few decades, and I have a child of my own. Over the years, the show has tackled issues such as language differences, disabilities, hunger, and, notably bullying. Do I watch Sesame Street on TV? Not really. But I DO watch the videos.
Sesame Street has always been cool, offering famous grown-ups the chance to participate. The video by Feist may be the one that reminded me that Sesame Street was still doing the celebrity thing.

Here are some videos I’ve watched recently, now that the site is no longer being hacked.

Change the World, featuring the same Muppet who loves her hair

Adrian Grenier: Season
Jon Stewart: Practice
Liev Schrieber and Naomi Watts: exchange things
Mark Ruffalo: Empathy
Michelle Monaghan: Fascinating
Mila Kunis: Include
Neil Patrick Harris: Curly
Seth Rogen: Embarrassed
Terrence Howard: Incognito

30 Rocks
G – parody of Glee
(And a parody OF Sesame Street: Occupy Sesame Street Gets Violent

Monster Went and Ate My Red 2 with Elvis Costello, which makes more sense if you’ve heard his original. I love this.
Arrested Development: Pride
B.B. King: The Letter B
The banned Katy Perry video – too risque for some
Jaquandor also put together some singing videos

BTW, there’s a new movie documentary featuring the puppeteer of Elmo, Kevin Clash.

There are a couple videos that made me more than a little sad:
The late Chris Reeve to the library
Goodbye, Mr Hooper. When actor Will Lee died back in 1983, so did his character. Watch especially starting at the 7 minute mark.

ABC Wednesday – Round 9

0 thoughts on “S is for Sesame Street”

  1. Wow, Roger! Stupendous post here this week! I can remember sitting down with my daughters to watch Sesame Street every day – sometimes more than once a day! It was so much fun watching my girls learn and interact with the characters and you’ve brought back many happy memories for me! Have a sensational week,

    abcw team


  2. GREAT post! I also watched Sesame Street in the 70’s with my girlfriend, Randy. And then years later with my kids. I don’t know if it’s me and again, me and nostalgia, or just that the show has changed, but I like the older ones better (AND I get such a kick out of seeing these young actors like James Earl Jones who are now so established [and older]). The new shows just seem more frantic and jumpy. A bit TOO much energy for me (and the show was never ‘calm’).

    Thanks for the nostalgic look back. This was a great choice.


  3. We got Sesame Street on Swedish TV too for a while. Being in my upper teens in the early 70s I did not watch it all that much. But I’ve seen enough to recognize several of the characters… 😉


  4. Sesame Street was long after my time, but my sister was four when it came to be-so she got to grow up with it. However, any parent these days, it seems, becomes familiar with it and we are no exception. When my son turned a year old, my husband, son and I were in Saudi Arabia for a few months for a job. We brought a few video tapes with us (television there is not really for entertainment but for propaganda). Anyway, most the the tapes were-you guessed it! Sesame Street. So, I know those videos inside and out! And all the silly songs!


  5. I was already a teen when this show came out so I didn’t grow up with it, and I also found it to be a little too frenetic when I did watch it. Still, I loved bits of it. And I cannot wait for the new Muppets movie.


  6. I first watch it here at the age of 13 and fell in love with all the characters. When I became a mother, the sons got hooked on this show too, and till now we’re big fan of Sesame Street. The best educational show ever! The theme song is still playing in my head….can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street..<3


  7. Say Roger, did you ever watch The Muppet Show? It was nirvana for a muppet freak like me! I watch Sesame Street just to see Kermit!


  8. Ahhh Sesame Street! I watched it as a kid but for some reason I always preferred Electric Company. Fast forward I worked with first graders and guess who I had greet the children on their first day in class – Big Bird.


  9. Awesome entry! I love Sesame Street and definitely still watch it sometimes while folding laundry. You did a great job with the fun facts; some I hadn’t heard before. Thanks for sharing!


  10. That’s a great entry for the letter “S”. I never was a big fan of SS; just didn’t watch it too often. I think those puppets are recognizable all over the world though! Thanks for visiting.


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