Your Solstice Gift to Me – Ask Roger Anything!

Doesn’t matter if you celebrate Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Festivus, Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, Brumalia, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or nothing at all. You can give me a present, or presents. I LOVE presents!

The present will be to Ask Roger Anything. This means anything at all, and I must tell the truth, or at least a variation of same. Last time Jaquandor did this, he wrote: “I’d also note that there are questions that I genuinely expect to get asked every time I do this, and none of those ‘Hey, will this be the time that X gets asked!’ questions has yet to show up!” I feel the same way. Though I DID try to press Jaquandor somewhat; he did edit one of my questions slightly.

So consider the gauntlet to be thrown down. I will answer at some points before Epiphany, depending on how the holiday turns out, and the number of presents (questions) I get.

0 thoughts on “Your Solstice Gift to Me – Ask Roger Anything!”

  1. You know—of course you do—you had me scurrying for my dictionary to consider the relative merit of “gauntlet” v. “gantlet”. I give you the victory on points.

    But that’s not my question. You are religious and at least some of your readers are not. How hard is it for you to overlook what I can only assume is, if not blasphemy, then as close as you can get? Some of us are a bit more stroppy in our irreligiousity than others, so I’m wondering how you reconcile that with you own faith. Or, is it that your faith allows for those who are of differing—even non-religious—beliefs? This is something that I, as a heathen, have long wondered about.


  2. Okay, here is one of those moral dilemma questions for you:

    Your closest friend wants to talk to you about something, but you have to promise that it is just between the two of you. They then tell you that they ran someone over with their car last night and drove off without stopping to see how they were.

    The following day you read that the person died and their body had been hit by several other cars. One of those drivers has been arrested and charged with causing death by dangerous driving. Worse still, it appears that driver may have been drunk.

    You don’t know whether it was your friend that killed the person or the cars that came later, but at the very least it was your friend who put the person in a situation where they would be killed.

    You try to persuade your friend to turn themselves in, but they flatly refuse. Meanwhile, an ‘inncoent’ driver may go to jail because of it and carry the guilt of it for ever.

    What do you do?


  3. How about another Moral question? Would you kill someone to protect your daughter and wife, if their lives were at Stake?


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