Anti-Racism Task Force First Pres Church Alb, 2.5 blocks away

Resource: Michelle Alexander. “The New Jim Crow.” The New Jim Crow- Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, The New Press, 2010, pp.178-220

The New Jim Crow examines the mass incarceration of black people and its intersectionalities with profiling and police bias, and the prison industrial complex. “More are disenfranchised today than in 1870, the year the Fifteenth Amendment was ratified prohibiting laws that explicitly deny the right to vote based on race.”

The New Jim Crow fits into the prison industrial complex by analyzing how the country has moved from slavery to low-wage sharecropping to low-wage menial work in prisons. The documentary The 13th is was based on this book.

Resource: Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving
Reviewed by Carol Green

If you’re wondering how to start your anti-racism journey, I highly recommend reading this book by a white woman who discovers how much she doesn’t know about race and racism. This relatable account of the knowledge and experience she gains and the “cringeworthy” mistakes she makes had a big impact on me. I was shocked to learn how some government benefits, such as the GI bill, had been withheld from Americans of color, resulting in generations of lost wealth. The discussion of white privilege is clear, and Irving’s personal examples of the role of white privilege in her life

The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein
Here’s the video:
Here’s my blog post from a couple of days earlier:
Here are the maps of redlining and urban renewal, among others:

People ask me why antiracist? that’s so negative. There should be a more positive term.
Well, maybe, but I haven’t heard one.
I DO have an idea why

Ibram X. Kendi 2019
RED – inside flap

intro – p5 last sentence before break
p7 para 4, 5, 6
he still has nightmares
cf Cosby
p8 afterb para 2
p9 para 2
cf colorblindness;

p 24 def
parents trying to fit to that white space
p28 last para/p29 para 1
p29 last para
p31 last para
cf aboriginal people in Australia, 1st Nations in Canada

ch3 p 35 def
p 37 para 4
told race is a social construct
p41 para 1,2

ch 4 p 44 def
Curse of Canaan – p50 break 1st para
p54 para 1,2
Census tracking income, health outcomes, et al

ch 8 behavior
p95 para 1
p97 last para
p 203 last para
William raspberry December 7, 1993 Colin Ferguson opens fire on a Long Island Rail Road commuter train from New York City, killing 6 and injuring 1

ch14 gender
p 183 para 1
p187 Barbara Smith, Frances Beal
p 189 para last
Ebony October 1946 Germany Meets the Negro Soldier

ch9 color
p 109 para 1, 2
p 110 para 1
imitation of life
p114 para 2 v 115 para 1
Africans don’t consider me black, or my daughter

ch 13 space
p 172 last para
p 175 para 1
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?’Beverly Daniel Tatum 1997/2017
One reason students from similar racial backgrounds may gather together, Tatum said, is that “connecting with peers who are having a similar experience as your own serves as a buffer, as a protective force. … [It] is also a way of affirming your identity.”
p179 para 1 MLK

p17 para 1,2
p18 para 1, s1
para 2, 3

ch 5
p 57 para 2 oj
p57 para last – slavery
p64 para 1

ch 7 culture
p90 para 1

ch10 white
p128 para 2

ch 11 black
p140 para 1, 3

ch 12 class
p 152 para 2

ch15 sexuality

ch16 failure

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