Y is for YES!

Sometimes, it feels like such a NO world. Things go wrong: from natural and man-made disasters to personal crises, such as illness, accidents and economic problems. Stress and strain, stress and strain. And “the power of positive thought” can’t always fix it.

Yet, today, I’m saying YES anyway! And what says YES more to me than music?!

So, I started by looking at the pop charts for songs that start with the word Yes. The first one is the oxymoronic Yes, We Have No Bananas, which charted no fewer than five times in 1923. The first version to chart went to #1. Click on HERE to hear Billy Jones with Arthur Hall & Irving Kaufman. Ben Selvin’s version ALSO went to #1. (This is sonically interesting: George๏ปฟ Wilton Ballard on a 1927 Edisonic Beethoven Diamond Disc Phonograph.)

Also charting five times in one year is 1925’s Yes, Sir! That’s My Baby! Gene Austin’s #1 version can be heard HERE. It was also recorded by everyone from FRANK SINATRA to Ricky Nelson (#34 in 1960) and the Baja Marimba Band (#109 in 1968). A couple non-charting 1925 versions: Dajos Bela Tanzorchester and, perhaps my favorite, Lee Morse.

A couple YES songs charted in 1941: Yes, Indeed! by Tommy Dorsey and Yes, My Darling Daughter, by both Glenn Miller and Dinah Shore.

There are a lot more YES songs in the modern era of rock, including Yes! by Chad Brock (#22 in 2000) and Yes by Merry Clayton (#45 in 1988). But the biggest hit was Yes I’m Ready, which Barbara Mason took to #5 in 1965, only to be bested in the charts by the version from Teri DeSario w/ K.C., #2 in 1980.

Possibly my favorite YES song is Yes We Can Can, a minor hit for Lee Dorsey in 1970, as Yes We Can. Here’s the studio version, which went to #11 in 1973, and also, a Live 1974 version, featuring the composer of the song, Allen Touissant.

Oh, and there’s a GROUP called YES. Here’s Roundabout, the first song on the first YES album I owned, FRAGILE; I bought The Yes Album subsequently.

It occurred to me that one of the most famous uses of the word “yes” in film replicates a lie.

Still, I’m saying Yes. Say “yes” in your own language, be it Arabic or Bengali or Bulgarian or French or Hebrew or Italian or Japanese or Mandarin Chinese or Portuguese or Vietnamese or any other tongue you wish.

To pretty much negate a former First Lady, Just Say Yes!

ABC Wednesday

0 thoughts on “Y is for YES!”

  1. That very first song is a firm favourite on school trips in the Netherlands. Right along with ‘my aunty from Morocco’. I didn’t know it was that old though!

    PS: wonder how many yurts will be in this round. I wanted to use that one, but couldn’t find one.


  2. I agree with Rune, we should say yes more often. Yes is hands open wide. No is closed for ourselves.
    Great post. I didn’t realize there were so many songs with yes in them.


  3. And, don’t forget: “Your lips say no, no, but here’s yes, yes in your eyes”. I think it’s called, “yes,yes”. It’s an oldie.
    And, YES! Another original brought to us by Roger!


  4. I’ll always say YES to music! A great post to start a short week after the holiday weekend. Now, are you going to say “Yes” to whatever that sweet little princess that lives with you wants today? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. “Tempus Fugit” by Yes would be a good choice. The band actually sings “Yes, yes!” at various times in the song.

    That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the title of the post.


  6. “Yes Sir I Can Boogie” to all that music. (Just thought you may have been spared this disco one hit wonder in the States).


  7. I think I remember Yes, Sir! That’s My Baby from the Mitch Miller sing-a-long show from years past. I remember the band YES, much better, though!


  8. Great word “yes”! In my language it’s “ja”, pronounced as “ya”.Actually like the German “ja”.( BTW some people think that Dutch is a dialect of German, Which is absolutely wrong!)


  9. I am listening to the track Roger – my favourite Yes track was “Wondrous Stories”
    As ever a fun, well informed post Roger which we have grown to love!

    Thanks so much!
    ABC Team


  10. There was that movie- Yes Man too. I actually made Yes a new years resolution- that I’d say yes to invites more, etc… It was a fun year. I still try to keep it in mind when someone asks me to do something.


  11. an original Y post for today. Well done Roger!
    I love the group YES! I’ve seen them in concert several times but unfortunately the last time I bought tickets it was canceled due to the lead singer Jon Anderson having a severe asthma attack. I heard YES are touring this Summer without Jon. It wouldn’t be the same for me.
    I also heard J.A. & Rick Wakeman are doing a series of shows in London. Hopefully they will wind up in NY!


  12. Yes! I was wondering if Yes was going to figure in there – terrific band (I think I wore out my copy of ‘Tasles From Topographic Oceans’). ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. Wonderful “Y” post! Clever and creative to feature “Yes” song titles. I love the songs, “Yes, We Have No Bananas” and “Yes, Sir, that’s my baby!” Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog!


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