Insomnia-writing post

insomniaSome study suggested that 7, not 8 hours of sleep, is optimal. Less than that, for most people, is suboptimal.

I know Dustbury sometimes has trouble going to sleep. He once wrote: “For some reason, around 10 pm, when I should be shutting down the brain for the night, I seem to start new projects. It’s almost like I’m daring insomnia to descend upon me. Somehow this seems counterproductive.”

Probably true; most of those advice columns suggest getting away from the TV, computer, or electronic device of your choice 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. Almost never happens with me.

I got this from SOMEWHERE:

If, as researchers report, people with insomnia could not turn off a “mind wandering” region of the brain irrelevant to tasks of working memory, then is it possible that this mind wandering function in the sleep deprived person is 1. A compensatory “dream while awake” mechanism; and 2. A possible compensatory strength in cognitive fluidity and creativity? Are some tasks better approached on a full night’s sleep, while others on vapors? And can you surmise on what basis this is written?

So, it’s 3:30 a.m., and I’m looking through ideas for blog posts that I never used. Or maybe I DID use them and forgot. It’s 3:30 – too tired to check!

Did I use this? Religious People Tend to Be More Racist, Study Finds. This is TOTALLY believable, unfortunately. (And when it’s really early in the morning, I tend to repeat myself. Such as the use of the word TOTALLY. I’d not allow that when I’m wide awake!)

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